BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ— The Berkeley Heights community is filled with talented athletes of all ages who display their skills on and off the field. 2015 Governor Livingston graduate and Berkeley Heights resident, Abigail DiTosto, exhibits her athleticism not on the field, but in ice rinks across the world.

For the past eleven years, DiTosto was a member of the Synchroettes Skating Organization and within the last three years, a key part of Team USA. Last season, she had the honor of being co-captain for the team, which is just one of her many accomplishments on the ice.

DiTosto began figure skating early on at age three and launched her synchronized skating career three years later. At the ice rink, she was captivated by girls who wore matching windbreaker jumpsuits, which sparked her desire to join the synchronized skating team.

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Her success comes from incredible diligence and preparation. She practices three to four days a week after school and trains at 5 a.m. on Saturdays, showing immense ambition and drive. Her coach of the Synchroettes Synchronized skating team, Geri Lynch-Tomich, has been an integral part of DiTosto’s achievements. Lynch-Tomich is a major source of inspiration and provides motivation for all skaters, showing affection not only for her students but also the sport itself, DiTosto told TAP into Berkeley Heights.

“She has basically raised me at the rink,” DiTosto said, “I would not be myself without her. She has taught me more lessons than I could begin to explain on and off the ice.”

As competitions approach, the practices and workouts involve more intensity and concentration. DiTosto and her team have to be focused and practice the routine repeatedly to ensure perfection. Before her competitions, she always goes through the same ritual and warm ups to prepare.

The Berkeley Heights skater has made her way across the U.S. and international ice. She has skated in Gothenburg, Sweden (twice) and Milan, Italy over the past winter season. When skaters first arrive at the competitions, they are given the opportunity to practice on the new rink, and then have one more “official practice” before performing in front of the judges.

As a sophomore, DiTosto had her first international experience on the ice in Sweden. It was her most memorable competition, being that she was on a national team representing USA. DiTosto remembers the crowd’s chants and animated atmosphere. All of the dedication, preparation, and effort paid off when she and her team placed third at the international competition.

This fall, DiTosto is attending Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and has the opportunity to continue skating for the Lexettes out of Marlborough, Massachusetts. She plans to compete and represent the U.S. as the triumphant athlete from Berkeley Heights.