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Tabby Cat Molly is Missing

Updated at 10:50 a.m. Sunday, July 14
Sunday morning, Janis Maffei Byrne reported to TAP, "Molly came home! She came through the bushes by our back door twenty minutes ago. She looked thinner and is very hungry but she's ok I think. I want to thank everyone so much for all their time and efforts and kindness to help find her. She's home and will have a tag and collar on her from now on!"

WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Janis Maffei Byrne, of West Caldwell, is growing concerned over the disappearance of her cat Molly. Molly went missing from her home on Forest Avenue in West Caldwell on Sunday right before the storm struck and has not returned. Although the tabby cat had recently spent daytime hours outside, she has never stayed out overnight.

Forest Avenue, West Caldwell  Credit: Google Maps

Byrne explained that she has had Molly, and Molly’s brother, since 2005. “She has always been an indoor-only cat until this year when she would hesitantly go out on our deck and lie on the deck with her brother. Sunday afternoon, just before the storm, the two cats were sunning on our deck and then the thunder started and I went to let them in and Molly wasn’t there. I thought she was hiding under the deck but when the storm was over she still wasn’t there and hasn’t been seen since. She's very gentle and my two daughters miss her terribly.”

Byrne has been putting up posters around town with a photo of Molly and has gone door to door as well asking neighbors to look in their yard for any places a cat could be hiding.

Molly  Credit: Janis Maffei Byrne

Some of the persons that Byrne has spoken to have related that they have seen Molly  on Mountain Avenue by Forest, on Smull Avenue and around the Caldwell Theatre.

Byrne expressed, “We've been chasing after leads from people in town who see our signs which we have posted all around Caldwell, North Caldwell and West Caldwell. I probably posted about one hundred. Any leads I’ve received have brought me to other cats but not ours. It’s been five days now of driving slow on local streets for hours at a time. I feel like I'm missing something and something may have happened to her. I just hope she's not lost or stuck in someone's garage or shed somewhere with no food or water.”

If anyone has any news of Molly, please contact Janis Maffei Byrne at 973-818-9793.

Molly  Credit: Janis Maffei Byrne

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