TAPintoTravels Goes Head to Head with and Their List of 25 Towns that Need to Go

This is clearly a Plain Field and lake that the locals cannot keep up.
The Oranges would be better off with one municipal court rather than three?
Lake Como clearly does not know how to properly manage their rainbows on their own. Credits: TAPinto Belmar/Lake Cuomo

TAPintoTravels - On Tuesday, March 13, Bobby Olivier of did the unthinkable.  He provided a list of 25 New Jersey towns that have to go.

Wow!  In the land of the Sopranos, that took either some serious stones or just a lack of commonsense.  Either way, his Editor and Publisher should be explaining a few things to the people from towns identified on that list.

In this day of political correctness, we need to call off the witch hunt.  Bobby was clearly trying to be humorous while raising the necessity for shared services.  That is the real issue here.

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We here at TAPintoTravels love humor.  We use it all the time.  Traveling should be fun. 

However, sometimes you need to know when it is inappropriate.  

Bobby and his management are just missing an understanding of the history and culture of New Jersey.  It predates the founding of the United States and back in the 1700’s was the absolute frontier of the known world.  

Tens, then hundreds, and arguably, thousands of communities grew, suffered, and thrived together.  There is a shared common history that has survived to this day.  Each with a certain uniqueness all their own.

Now, we here at TAPintoTravels are not part of a corporate machine.  Anyone in the travel journalism business knows that the pay is horrible.  We do it for our love of travel and not the almighty advertising dollar.  Picking on a few towns to profit from the rest is not our style.

We believe that there probably needs to be more towns, villages, and hamlets with more autonomy.  

The author of this article lived in Green Village, NJ.  A village that predated the surrounding Chatham and Harding townships.  It was the center of life for the surrounding area.  Now, it is losing its identity because neither township values it.  The author’s fight to save Green Village was well documented in TAPinto’s predecessor, the Alternative Press.

The lesson learned is that towns are more than borders.  They are people, history, culture, and tradition.  In an age of suburbanization, we need more hamlets, villages, and towns; not less.

You have to understand the mind set of an organization that would feel this way. is a machine.  It services the state and highest advertising bidder.  Let’s be fair, we do to, but we keep it in the local community.  It seems like no small coincidence that pointed out several of our towns in their list.

Our model is the polar opposite of  We are here to support communities, not call for their end.  We are the hyperlocal alternatives to those guys.  TAPintoTravels is as close to corporate as we get here.

We encourage to leave the corporate office and travel with us.  We will show you the New Jersey that you have never known., let us welcome you to New Jersey and show you the Lost 25.

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