TAPintoTravels Spotlight is Going to Be Brief - Boxer Brief

Our discussion with their President.

PONTE VERDA BEACH, FL -  Never, ever in our wildest dreams would we be endorsing an underwear company.  However, this story told itself.

Anyone who travels knows that things will be forgotten.  This time, it was underwear. Normally, it is the first thing in the bag, but we switched luggage.  Oddly, it happened to 2/3rds of our team this time.

Fortunately, there are really only two things you need when you travel.  That is your passport and credit/debit cards.  You can fix almost anything else.  

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On our trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, we fixed our sans underwear problem with a stop to TJ Maxx.  We grabbed the first pack that we could find in our sizes and rushed on to our assignment, the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Outing.

Nobody really thinks about underwear.  Well sure, the men on our staff think about lingerie, but that is a different story.  Our female staff ponder about boxers or briefs, which is a better story.  However, we never really pondered whether we should pack the right ones.

To be brief, the photo shoot was tough.  Covering a gala night, followed by a golf outing, tied in with coverage of St. Augustine, etc. is a bit challenging.  You are dealing with weather changes, over-exposure to sun, carrying equipment....

Okay, we know that we are whining about the best job on earth.  The fact is that we are hard on our clothes and the base layer is underwear.  The trip definitely taught us the importance of those boxer briefs.  No one wants swamp bum, after all.  Otherwise, you are miserable.

The funny part is that one of the corporate sponsors of the event was an underwear company.  We ran into them at the gala event.  We traded stories at their sponsored holes. And yes, there was some off-key humor.  Particularly, when one of the challenges for the celebrity players was to utilize a pair of boxers in a lip-sync competition.  

The team representing their company were fun!  They even brought friends and family to work the event.  We traded company paraphernalia and fun tales of adventure.  They impressed us with their friendly attitude, love of life, and family values.  We even met their president.  

At the end of the day, when the work was done, we returned to our the hotel rooms, naturally dropped “trow”, and fell into bed.  

Something seemed odd.  After all the running and the temperature changes, we felt fine.  Nothing uncomfortable in the spot that it should be most expected.  Our undies were surprisingly...well dry.

Our Publisher was the first to notice.  He made the phone call that could be considered sexual harassment in any other situation.

They compared notes.  The emergency purchase of undergarments and our new corporate friends were one and the same.

Now, we can proudly make a suggestion and an endorsement.  If it isn’t is nothing else!

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