Everyone reaches a point where they get a glimpse in the mirror and are a little (or a lot) shocked at what they see. Lines they never expected, wrinkles and sags they never wanted, sunspots they never realized come hand-in-hand with lazy beach days and the general effects of living in a modern world filled with stress, pollution and lack of time for proper skin care.

As a culture, we are inundated with the idea of plastic surgery as a physical and mental fix-all. We are bombarded by (always airbrushed, by the way) "after" photos of celebrities that have had plastic surgery to preserve their place in fame (and who have endless money, personal trainers, at home gyms, stylists, make-up artists and chefs, by the way.) And so-called reality shows about "every day people" solving all their problems with some shots of anesthesia followed by scalpels doing what scalpels do, rule our airwaves. If they can do it, why can't we?

Many people are not aware of the non-surgical alternatives to these extreme methods especially when it comes to the face. Here are some of the benefits of foregoing the scalpel:

1- A major reduction in social downtime - Most plastic surgeries such as the classic face-life, eye lifts, or quick lipo are same-day procedures yet bring with them the inconvenience (and pain!) of a necessary prolonged period at home- known as social down time in the medical world. And oftentimes, tubes and bandage changes and pain medication and bed rest accompany that social down-time. There are so many laser treatments, injectables and peels that target wrinkles, pigment, loose, saggy skin, cellulite and scars. And while the harshest (and most effective) anti-aging service here at Ethos, the Sciton, requires seven days of social down-time and one or two percocets beforehand, there's no need for bed rest, bandages or being drugged up. Skin cells are regenerated, elasticity improved and wrinkles so diminished it is as if the clock was turned backwards.

2- Side effects - Most laser treatments from the above mentioned Sciton to fotofacials to the Matrix and the Genesis and Isolaz and chemical, glycolic and salicylic peels and injectables such as Botox and Juvaderm at most (not collectively across the board) may cause flaking of skin,  momentary redness or a temporary acne flare up (except in the case of Isolaz which is an effective treatment for acne.)  This certainly beats possible infection, discomfort so bad it affects sleep and skin so raw the sunlight cannot see it for weeks that often follow a trip to the operation room.

3- Subtlety- Botox Cosmetic, the most popular wrinkle solution in the world and one of the most popular treatments offered at Ethos has a tagline that really applies to all of Ethos' services mentioned here: "Everyone will notice... but no one will know." The subtle (yet clearly transformed) look of your face following any of our treatments is ideal. While many of these services need to occur in several sessions over a period of time, this slow approach in achieving change should be preferred as no one wants to become a topic of conversation within their social circle. The tagline for plastic surgery should be "Have you had any work done???" Which reaction would you prefer?

4- Control- As referenced above, most of the anti-aging, tightening and surface improving technology available at Ethos often needs to happen as a series over time- typically three-to six sessions depending on the treatment. Plastic-surgery may produce an immediate result but that result could be way more radical than anticipated and there's no going back- except maybe for additional corrective plastic surgery which is what got you in the regret- pickle in the first place! At Ethos, as your series of treatments progresses so does the observation of effects. You may need lasers to be cranked up or down at your next visit or more units of Botox but at least you have control over that thus your results will reflect what was promised to you and actually be what you envisioned in the first place.

5- Relaxation- Isn't it a no-brainer when it comes to the surroundings in which you would like these changes to take place? Do you want a fluorescent-lit, sterile whiteness, often noisy environment?  (Opening and shutting of doors, conversations outside your room and general unease of a "hospital feel," anyone?) Or do you want the tranquility that comes with soft colors, dim lighting before and after treatment and music so relaxing it can lull you into sleep? The latter describes Ethos perfectly. Not to mention, there's always another consideration- do you want a doctor with whom you have hardly communicated to zoom in, do stuff to your face and then zoom out leaving his support staff to answer all your post-care questions and address any concerns? Or do you want one-on-one attention from doctors who pride themselves on a good bedside manner and walk you step-by-step through the entire process. Hello! It's your face at stake here.

So if you are in the market for a "face change" and were considering plastic surgery, won't you instead consider the reasons for pursuing alternatives? And what better way than scheduling a free consultation at Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center,  with one of our physicians to explore your options? Call today and book that appointment. Make the Ethos approach your only approach.