Costco.  I heard tales of its massive size; that it holds everything you could ever want or imagine.  I also heard that you must shop with a list (and never stray from that list!) or you will end up spending more money on things you don’t need, than you could possibly save on the things you do. But if you shop smart the savings are real. I had heard all of this and I was intrigued but never motivated to try.  Until a few weeks ago when my good friend, after reading my article about the fabulous t-shirt, told me she just came back from Costco where she hit the jackpot with great tees.  Now I was interested.  Now I was ready to see this phenomenon for myself.  And so, two days ago, I did just that.  On the surface my mission was to save money on food and paper goods, but in the back of my mind I was there for the tees (and any other clothing finds).

My friend told me that her secret to finding clothing at Costco is its one-stop convenience.  Life is complicated and time is short for all of us.  But at Costco, not only can you find variety (for men women and children) and quality selections at a reasonable price, but you also save time because you’re already there.

My first stop was … tee shirts and shorts. Wow.  I found fun, flirty tees for women (yes the prices were great!).  I then moved on to men’s tees – formal and informal – Costco had it all. On the day I was there the best deals were the casual, Nike shirts for boys. I’ve always overpaid for these comfortable “must-haves” and it was refreshing to see them at much lower prices.  The shorts and capris (remember last week?) were stylish and abundant. And I smiled when I saw my old friend, Gloria Vanderbilt, represented with her casual shorts.  I haven’t seen her logo in years!  In general, my only negative comment is that there were fewer smaller than larger sizes, and I wonder if sizing is limited – once it’s gone, it’s gone?  Maybe that’s how they get you to come back soon.

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If you’re already a Costco shopper, spend time with the clothing and take advantage of the opportunities.  If however you’re like me and haven’t taken the plunge, this may be the right time.  Go for the clothes, and if you must, check out the deals on the food and paper products when you’re done.  Because you can’t overlook the convenience and value of Costco.

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at