The Cranford Dramatic Club (CDC) Community Theatre announces auditions for “The Miracle Worker”, auditions will be held at 2:00 PM Saturday, November 3, 2012 and 7:00 PM Monday, November 5, 2012. Rehearsals will begin mid-December, with performances on weekends only, February 8, 2013 through February 23, 2013 at 78 Winans Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016.

Those auditioning will be asked to do a reading from the script. Script sides will be provided. If you have any questions, contact the producer, Elizabeth Howard at

The Miracle Worker is the tremendous, heart warming story of an incredible friendship and bond between a teacher, Annie Sullivan, and her deaf and blind students, Helen Keller. Set in Tuscumbia, Alabama Helen renders an illness at 18 months old that leaves her blind and deaf. Her parents, who pity and spoil their afflicted daughter, are desperate to have order, hire a young Annie Sullivan to try and reach the mind of Helen. After many battles and disciplined weeks together, Annie breaks through to Helen, giving her a connection to language and all the world has to offer.

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Director Melissa Webel is looking for actors to fill the following roles:

Annie Sullivan, appears to be in her early-late 20s, is Helen’s teacher. She is a strong and vibrant woman who is determined to connect Helen to the world. Her challenging past is what drives her to push Helen to the brink. There is a crude vitality to her and she is undeterred by the Keller’s protection of their daughter Helen. She is involved in intense physical scenes. Must have a strong connection to Helen. Irish accent is a plus.

Helen Keller, appears to be 8-11 years old, is a deaf, blind mute. She is trapped in her own world, unable to speak, hear, or see. She is almost not human as she has been blind and deaf since she was stricken with scarlet fever as a baby. She is involved in intense physical scenes. Must have a strong connection to Annie Sullivan. Will be double cast.

Captain Arthur Keller, age 40s - 50s, is Helen’s father. A captain, he is stern, but devoted to his family. He struggles to connect to young Helen, but he is loving nonetheless.

Kate Keller, age 30s - 40s, is Helen’s mother. She is tormented by Helen’s perceivably insurmountable disability. She seeks to please Helen in order to avoid the tantrums and to compensate for her extreme misfortune. She is a captain’s wife, completely devoted to her husband, but a fiercely devoted mother as well. She is determined to give Helen any chance she can get.

James Keller, age teens - 20s, is Helen’s half-brother, the son of the captain. He is described as indolent. He sees Helen as mentally defective and believes it best she be put in an asylum.

Aunt Eve, age 30s - 50s, is Helen’s aunt. She is a talkative, opinionated woman who serves as the catalyst for the Kellers’ contact with the Perkins School for the Blind.

Anagnos/Doctor, age 40s - 50s, is Annie’s counselor at the Perkins Institution for the Blind. A dear and kind man, he is very fond of Annie. He serves as a mentor and friend. Will double as doctor.

Viney or Virginia, age 30s - 60s, is a servant. He/she is cheerful and very loving towards the Keller children.

Martha, age 8 – 12, is a playmate of Helen.

Percy, age 8 - 12, is a playmate of Helen.

Tickets to all performances are on sale now online at, or by stopping by the Box Office at 78 Winans Avenue, Cranford, during a performance.

The 2012-13 Season is made possible in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts through grants administered by the Union County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs.

CDC Theatre is a non-profit, all volunteer, community theatre offering award-winning plays and musicals since 1919. One of the longest continuously producing theatre groups in New Jersey, it reaches out to all audiences, offering senior rates, family oriented theatre, and provisions for those needing assistance.