PLAINFIELD, NJ — The Housing Authority of Plainfield hosted a vaccine clinic on Feb. 26 at its Richmond Towers property at 510-520 East Front Street. Richmond Towers is a senior housing complex with around 230 residents. For the event, well over 100 seniors participated in getting the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

HAP Executive Director Randall Wood said, “With HAP housing a vulnerable populace (seniors), and New Jersey being one of the hardest hit by COVID-19 by some measurements, it was imperative that the complex received access to the vaccine.”

Wood engaged his General Manager and Program Director to head up the efforts to procure and coordinate the COVID-19 vaccination clinic. After much deliberation and persistence, and ultimately a collaboration of community resources, the efforts came to fruition.

Through assistance from the Union County Health Department, under Annie McNair, Plainfield’s Neighborhood Health Services Corp., with Dr. Kerrie Powell, OEM Specialist Sheldon Greene, and other local support, a vaccine clinic was established on premises to serve the need.

Wood gave "kudos" to all in the community who helped, including his staff, the Richmond Towers Resident Association, with special thanks to James Marsh and Darryl Clark for their persistence and diligence to facilitate the important event. "Hopefully, we will be able to serve our remaining HAP residents and this will save lives of our vulnerable populace and others. We take safety and the pandemic very seriously, and take every precaution that we can to protect our residents and community.”