Spring is the time for the little black dress.  The exquisite, timeless, little black dress.  When I think of the LBD, I think of Coco Chanel, my favorite designer, who, in the early 20th century, turned the fashion world on its head by taking the pomp and fluff out of women’s fashion, and creating a simpler, effortless, almost masculine, chic look for the modern woman.  Top of the list and a Chanel classic: the little black dress.  There are iconic moments in fashion history, that highlight the little black dress.  I’m referring, of course, to the opening scene of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with Audrey Hepburn standing outside Tiffany’s in her sleeveless black evening dress, long black gloves, sunglasses, pearls and tiara, as she holds her coffee and begins her New York City day. Audrey’s dress was designed by Hubert de Givenchy…but the concept behind it, was all Coco Chanel.

Ok…this was 1961 New York.  But in 2011, there is still a need for the little black dress, and perhaps now more than ever.   Styles change and morph, and trendsetters push the boundaries of what is acceptable.  Instant messaging, instant gratification. How nice to find something timeless in your closet. 

Long or short, the little black dress can be worn at all times and in all ways.  It is not just for evening.  You can take a simple sheath dress, and style it many ways.  Change the shoes, change the accessories, and you’ve got different looks. Add a jacket or sweater, and it will again, alter the feel. Black is always flattering…black will forever be the new black!...and paired with white…to die for!  I own a knit black dress for all seasons, and an all-black summer sundress, both of which I’ve dressed up and dressed down.  I am always happy to find them in my closet, and happy to know that when I wear them, I will feel good. 

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The little black dress is the epitome of good taste.  And there is nothing like good taste.  It is fashion’s holy grail.  This spring, turn your fashion world on its head, and create your own iconic moment with your little black dress. 

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.  Fashion questions?  Feel free to write to Melissa at MelroseStyle@hotmail.com.