Credibility - the quality or power of inspiring belief as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary can be elusive.  If something is credible – it is believable and has worth.  Credibility is an intangible quality that all businesses strive for and public relations works to directly deliver.

What makes a product or service credible?  If a business states that the product it sells is credible; then that is simply called advertising.  If it’s a firm itself that states its service is the best – that is not credible.  So how does a business gain credibility?

According to Marlene Waldock, Founder of Because We Are Women and Former Host of New Jersey Business, News 12 NJ,, “It is critical to the success of a business to really understand the power of public relations and the third party endorsement.  You have to strategically look at what you are trying to accomplish.  You want to put your company in a position to gain exposure which will strengthen your credibility with the end user – your customers.  The third party endorsement, because it is objective, gives unconditional credibility.  A few years back, when I was starting BWAW, I was written up in a daily newspaper.  The four page spread really showcased BWAW and, that in turn, led to an inside cover story in a magazine.  To have these editors and reporters write about my organization let the readers know BWAW was an organization they should be aware of. ”

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So how does a business go about creating or gaining credibility?  There are many ways.  One is to write an article and have it published, or by speaking at an industry or trade event or by sending a press release or a pitch to a newspaper or magazine and have the publication ask to write about you.  Once someone is published or speaks at an event – they instantly become the expert.  And experts have credibility.  Others will listen to them which creates a following.  In traditional media, this person becomes a resource.  In social media, this person is “liked”. Either way, the end result is the same – credibility leads to comfort and comfort leads to sales.

How are you building credibility within your organization?  Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or suggestions.