It's back to school time again and as a busy mom, it's always a struggle to get myself and my kids ready for school. Here are some tips to start the school year off right!

1. Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast - The morning time is very busy in most households. Trying to get the kids ready at the same time you need to get ready for work can seem almost impossible on some mornings. But if you can get thru one thing in the morning it should be a healthy breakfast for both you and your family. Breakfast is so important: It helps the kids focus and concentrate well in class.

Here are some easy, quick breakfast suggestions:

Cereal and fruit - My daughter loves cheerios with blueberries and strawberries on top.

Multi-Grain or whole wheat toast with peanut butter or Apple and/or Banana with peanut butter - the peanut butter will help them remain full for the morning.

Make a fruit salad on Sunday evening and in the morning give a bowl of fruit salad with a yogurt on the side or some kids love taking the yogurt and mixing the fruit in.

The non-traditional breakfast - any leftovers in your fridge? Have any leftover with a glass of fruit juice. It's not the norm but we do know that any breakfast is better then NO breakfast!!

2. Contact - Stay in contact with your teacher. The quick, easy way is thru e-mail and most teachers will check their e-mail every day and respond quickly. I have my daughter's teacher's e-mail in my address book and the school website as one of my favorites. The school website always posts all the news, events and weather issues. It's a good way to stay involved and connected. Involved parents mean a successful child.

3. Sleep - A week or so before school starts, get your kids back on schedule. If kids don't get enough sleep their academic careers will suffer. Moms, we need sleep too - we should all try for 8-10 hours. The norm for most adults is 5-6 hours, that is not good enough and we will pay the price by being fatigued, irritable and eating unhealthy. So, moms get back on routine with your children by going to sleep early. Try to go to sleep around the same time every night and waking up around the same time every morning to keep your body on a good sleep schedule. Make sleep and a nutritious breakfast "A Must" for the whole family. If you keep a healthy lifestyle as a mom - you will be a great role model for your kids!

4. Physical Activity - This is so necessary for children. They need to burn fuel during the day to help keep them healthy. Obesity has become a HUGE problem for teens. Kids do not get enough physical activity at school - as moms, we must do more. As adults we tend to live a sedentary life especially if we have a job where we sit all day. So, set up family activities that involve exercise. In the warm weather - Biking, swimming , hiking, walking, etc. As the months get colder try apple and pumpkin picking. Join your local gym, College or YMCA for the inside pool. Sign up your children for an after school activity or sport. It's a good way for the kids to socialize, have fun, meet new friends and get Healthy!

5. Set up a Homework schedule. Make it the same time everyday. My daughter does her homework for 30-45 minutes a day right before dinner at the kitchen table. I cook while she does her homework. If she has any questions, I'm right there to help her and keep an eye on her. 

6. Good Habits - I have made reading a nightly habit. About 15-20 minutes before bed we read together. It's a good way to relax before bed, spend quality time and keep up with her reading skills. I'm starting the reading habit early (Pre-school) so when she is older she will continue to read before bed. Reading is a great end to the day - it helps with creativity, imagination, language skills, problem solving, memory, focus, and attention. If you start young, you will start a bedtime ritual that could go on for many years to come. Have a great school year!!

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