LinkedIn is somewhat of anomaly when it comes to social networks because it is a social site organized around work, business and career. This may not seem like a very exciting opportunity. However, studies have shown that one of the major industries that uses LinkedIn every day is the recruitment industry. If you want to raise your profile in your niche or industry and/or are actively searching for new job opportunities, you need to be on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is also considered to be the most trustworthy of all social networks because you cannot hide behind a cloak of anonymity. The whole point of the site is to reveal who you are, where you have you worked, and who you know. In this way, you can connect with your colleagues and other business contacts, past and present, in an ever-widening network of people connected by niche, industry and common interests.

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Maintaining the Health of Your Account

Think of LinkedIn as an online resume on steroids. You have unlimited room to make yourself shine. Even more importantly, it can market your skills around the clock. Keyword all of your entries with the kinds of words and phrases that you know recruiters and others in your niche or industry will search for. Show your achievements, samples of your work, links to your site, and more, to demonstrate you are an expert in your niche who is worth paying attention to. 

Keeping Your Profile Up to Date

It will take time to create an impressive profile, but the results can be well worth it, as you connect with a wider circle of business contacts.

A healthy LinkedIn account is updated and active. Don’t set and forget. Take the time to update it each month, add keywords related to your niche, include more details about what you are doing in your current job, and more.

When you change your profile, you have the option of announcing to your network that you have done so. There is a little slider on the bottom left corner of the interface whenever you are making an edit. This will make you more visible.

There are a lot of different tabbed sections for organizing your profile. Treat them like a checklist and try to add content for every relevant one. 

Create Great Content 

Your profile is also the gateway to all of your activity. There are a number of ways to draw attention to yourself and make the most of this networking opportunity.


Post useful content at least a couple of times per week. It can be short but useful snippets of information, links to handy articles, videos and so on, and other niche-related content you think will be of value to your target audience. If you are going to try to promote your products and services online, think helpful, not spammy.

Audience Engagement

As with posts, LinkedIn audience engagement tools (that is, like, comment and share) are the same as Facebook, so you should have no problems staying active on the site. 

This site has recently been acquired by LinkedIn and is the number one presentation-sharing site on the internet. Upload your PowerPoint or other type of deck to the interface and then connect your deck to your LinkedIn account with just a couple of clicks. 


Writing unique articles for LinkedIn can gain you a considerable number of views of the content and your profile, provided the articles are niche-related and helpful to your target audience. Remember, this audience will be more professional than at a regular social network, so be sure to wow them by showing them some of your expertise. 

Create an editorial calendar for LinkedIn and see what a difference it can make to your marketing efforts.