MAHOPAC, N.Y. - The Town Board has declared emergencies in two of its water districts, restricting water use there until further notice.

The board passed the resolution declaring the emergencies at its June 24 meeting.

The districts in question include Water District No. 7 (Ivy Hills) which is in the Mahopac Falls hamlet near Vineland Road and Concordia Road, and Water District 12 (Farmview Estates), also in the Falls hamlet, which includes Agor Lane, Jennifer Lane, Tommy Court, Alona Drive and several other roads.

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Supervisor Ken Schmitt said the town had been advised by its contract operators, Bee and Jay Plumbing & Heating (District 7) and Inframark (District 12) that the current usage is overtaxing the wells that supply water to those communities.

“This is extremely important. All our water districts are taxed right now because of the dry weather we’ve been experiencing,” Schmitt said.  “We have had a long string of weather without rain and the water district facilities are working very hard to keep up with the demand. Because of the lack of rain, it’s really caused some issues in water districts 7 and 12.”

Schmitt said some rain will be necessary before the emergency orders can be rescinded.

“Let’s all hope for rain soon,” he said. “It’s very hot and very dry and I am sure you can notice that in your own lawns. But we need to declare these emergencies to save the water for potable drinking water. We’ve done this in the past during dry spells.”

 During this emergency, all nonessential use of water is prohibited, including all car and building washing, lawn and shrub watering and filling of swimming pools. It is unlawful for any person to use water supplied by water districts 7 and 12 for a nonessential purpose.

The Carmel Police Department will enforce the prohibitions.

During the state of emergency, the following nonessential use of water will be prohibited:

(1) The washing of motor vehicles, except for windshields, mirrors and the like

(2) The cleaning or washing of the outside of buildings or other structures using water or steam

(3) The bleeding of supply lines except for the purpose of maintaining a constant flow to prevent freezing

(4) The flooding of outdoor skating rinks

(5) The filling of swimming pools, portable and otherwise, except swimming pools designed and used exclusively for medical treatment.

(6) The use of automatic plumbing flush fixtures or apparatus, and the maintenance of constant flow from showers and similar apparatus

(7) The use of hose, spout and similar pressure-bathing apparatus, and the maintenance of constant flow from showers and similar apparatus

(8) The new installation of refrigeration and/or air-conditioning equipment requiring the use of water

(9) The watering of lawns and private gardens and the operation of ornamental ponds, pools, and fountains.

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