BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - In response to resident questions about how the Township prepares for winter weather events, we would like to take this opportunity to give you some insight into the what activities each relevant department engages in to keep the public safe, and some standard operating procedures when it comes to preparation.

In preparation for major weather conditions this winter, the following is the typical process this administration will pursue to ensure the safety of our roads, power lines and the public in general. This is in addition to the correspondence the Mayor, Township Administration, Department of Public Works Director, Office of Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Chief, Police Chief and school district officials have to ensure there are no obstacles to putting winter weather plans into effect:

Office of Emergency Management– The Emergency Management Coordinator monitors weather conditions and conveys any potentially hazardous weather conditions coming in the near future to administration and department heads. The coordinator also communicates with all relevant departments to ensure the manpower and resources are in place ahead of any major weather event. After any such event, OEM conducts a critical infrastructure damage assessment, prioritizes its findings, and submits those findings to relevant departments/agencies for repair/remediation.

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Police Department– The Berkeley Heights Police Department works 24/7 during major weather events, and alerts departments/agencies as needed to ice conditions, downed power lines and other storm related dangers.

Department of Public Works – Ahead of any major winter weather event, DPW crews pre-treat the roads as appropriate. Crews continuously salt roads throughout town. Once snow starts falling, roads are plowed on a predetermined schedule. This schedule is adjusted as needed based on current conditions or problem areas. Union County plows major arteries in town. DPW Director decides which employees will be called in to plow ahead of time, and whether the employees need to be rotated through during any given plowing period. DPW employees will also assist police when needed for certain activities.

Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad & Berkeley Heights Fire Department– Standby crews are ready for any event if needed, particularly with the township’s responsibility for a portion of Rt. 78.

JCP&L – The power company issues relevant department heads weather notifications as needed; they have a meteorologist on staff. Mayor Devanney has met with JCP&L to ensure our communications are responded to if needed.