The normal grocery store experience: weak plastic shopping bags, bright lights, bad elevator music, unstocked shelves, and too many unhealthy choices. These factors contribute to a horrible weekly visit to the grocery store. Things that come with shopping at Trader Joe's’s: biodegradable brown paper bags, helpful employees, clean aisles, neatly and fully stocked shelves, and a limited but perfect selection of organic and healthy food products. Trader Joe’s is the spot to shop.

How can an employee wearing a floral button down anger anyone? Every employee is trained to know the locations of items and is required to walk a customer directly to the product, creating a one-on-one experience. 

Foods are sold seasonally. There is limited time to buy the fall seasonal items until the winter items appear, making for an exciting shopping experience. Shoppers cannot wait to bring the new cookies or the latest healthy chips home to their families. Trader Joe’s seamlessly makes the transition between pumpkin bread to gingerbread. 

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The monthly “Fearless Flyer” is sent out to devoted shoppers, giving them information about the featured products and ingredients. In addition, the Fearless Flyer places a sense of urgency in shoppers; the need to buy new products is overwhelming and creates excitement. 

Trader Joe’s has many options for people who have allergies or other food intolerances. Jackie Filiaci, sophomore, can’t eat anything with dairy in it. She said, “I can’t have ice cream and it’s really difficult for me because I love it. Trader Joe’s has coconut ice cream, and it's a way for me to eat ice cream again. It changed my life.” Enjoying food without consequences is a gift Trader Joe’s loves giving.  

Wanting their store to be friendly for all ages, Trader Joe’s sets up a “Find the Toucan” game for children. The goal is to find the hidden toucan somewhere in the store resulting in a lollipop reward once you find it. This keeps children entertained and happy the whole shopping spree, allowing for a no melt-down experience. 

Trader Joe’s has a dedicated following. Sophomore Erin Hilongos’ mother is obsessed with Trader Joe’s. The majority of items in Hilongos’ pantry can be found at Trader Joe’s. Hilongos gets excited by the unique, fresh options: “I always have something fun from Trader Joe’s in my lunch.” 

The friendly feeling and ingredients from around the world cannot compare to what is available at an “average'' grocery store. Trader Joe’s provides an experience that goes beyond checking milk and bananas off your shopping list.