Traffic Advisory Committee Meets : Randolph Business Complex Jug Handle Proposal and Upcoming Police Efforts

RANDOLPH, NJ - The Traffic Advisory Committee met this past  Tuesday to discuss the Randolph Business Campus jug handle proposal and upcoming Police efforts. 

A few months ago The Randolph Business Campus applied to put in a jug handle from the campus to Morris Turnpike to allow cars to go West on route 10, without having to first East and make a u-turn. The application has been ongoing for the past two months without a decision. At the initial hearing in June, the campus representatives argued the jug handle would serve as being convenient as well as diverge a lot of the traffic from the u-turn that people leaving the campus currently use. Many town members appeared at the initial hearing arguing against the jug handle. Among those people, long time resident Richard Hockenbary, who’s yard is adjacent to the proposed driveway, returned in front of the traffic committee in hopes to plead his point of view.

“This is already a very high traffic accident area, and what they want to do is make it convenient for these people” said Hockenbary. He along with many other residents argued the jug handle is only convenient for those people in the campus, and not residents, and will bring too much traffic to their already dangerous small roads. “Now what they propose is to dump hundreds of people a day coming out of here and going on to our side streets. I say let them continue to go out onto Route 10 with all those hundreds or thousands of drivers. Don’t bring them out here onto our roads in Randolph and our streets,” he said. 

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“I don't think that will get a lot of use. My opinion is, once people come out and turn right on Morris Turnpike and right on Canfield just to get back up in that, they're going to be quicker going down and making the u-turn, and they're going to realize that, thats my opinion. Because that intersection is a problem and we know that” said committee Chair Jim Maraska.

After hearing about the proposal and Hockenbary’s side, the committee came up with a mutual agreement after taking a poll. “For reasons different from you Richard; but I just don't think it's needed and people can make do with what they have,” the committee chair said. All members agreed that they didn’t think the jug handle would be beneficial or needed. 

The next official hearing is not until August 18, but President Jim Maraska asked for it to be noted that the traffic committee does not agree with adding the driveway.

In  other news from the Randolph Police Department, funds are being used for new equipment. The police department is in the process of getting a new speed trailer and unmarked cars to help further enforcement around town. Labor Day will be Drunk Driving crack down and October is traffic awareness month. Police will be cracking down to increase awareness for these issues. Currently the board and PD are looking to find ways to spread the word for the month of October. Both of the events will increase police activity for safety and prevention. 

The next traffic meeting will be held September 2 at 7:30pm at the town hall.

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