Let’s face it, steakhouses have become as commonplace as Starbucks. This is particularly true for us in New York City area. With all the competition, we definitely get a quality steak.

Since we all have become dependent on a good quality piece of meat, what do we do when we do the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame expedition? Well, we recommend going to the same place favored by the rockers of Bon Jovi. What rocker doesn’t know a good piece of meat when he sees it?

Now, some of our cynics are probably saying, “Yeah! But it’s Cleveland and what choice did Jon and company have?”

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The answer is plenty and they are good too. 

What makes the Marble Room stand out is its exquisite setting.  It is housed in the former lobby of the National City Bank.  Set on Euclid Avenue, formerly known as Cleveland’s Millionaire Mile, she is a gem of early 19th century architecture. She harkens back to the age when Cleveland, Chicago, and Cleveland battled for city supremacy.

So, when in Cleveland and needing a good steak or raw bar, think what would Bon Jovi do?

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