Travels Spotlight - Amen Corner of Girard Ohio is a Blessing and a Showcase of Midwestern Life


GIRARD, OH - This may be one of the stranger endorsements that we have done.  However, our Publisher had his father’s wake here at Amen Corner in Girard, Ohio.

Yeah!  We weren’t exactly sure how to go with that awkward start. He’s the boss, so we put our heads together.  

We tried the restaurant and drank some beers. Looking around, we started to understand why the recommendation and choice.

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They have a large back room that could accommodate a family party. As our publisher joked, “It even had enough room for all my Dad’s exes.”  

After another awkward pause (and a little shock treatment of Midwestern humor), we started to get it. Like all families, there can be tensions. Sometimes it takes a big room to hold all of them.

For the writer, it started to make sense.

Amen Corner was truly a Midwestern restaurant and bar.  It has a family atmosphere where everyone knows your name.  If they don’t, they will probably ask.

It is a good value for the money.  Midwesterners are proud and fair people.  They work hard, but they know you do too.  They are going to give you their best at a fair price.

It has a golf theme. Golf is a big staple of men’s social and recreation lives in Ohio. If you work hard, then you have to play hard is the attitude.

After spending the evening there, it all came together for the writer and the story was inspired.  

Amen Corner is a great restaurant.  The service is good, the quality is on par with our East Coast expectations. The floor plan is sectional offering three separate experiences as a pub, restaurant, or private family event. Those are just the attributes though.  

What makes the Amen Corner experience is the people. They will draw you and make you feel at home. So, if you want to experience Midwestern life, this is a great stop on your trip to Cedar Point or to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Praise Bruce and welcome Bon Jovi!). 

Where?  20 West Main St., Girard, Ohio

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