Everyone knows tacos have taken the center stage of new cuisine. New York is buckling at the seams with popular taquerias. Now that they have become a staple of our diet, where do we go for a good one on the North Coast.

Barrio Gateway is our pick for the best tacos in the Land of Cleve. Just North of the ball field, it sits at the corner of Prospect and E. 4th. Just look for the Day of the Dead artwork.

You can build your own taco from a list reminiscent of a tax form or just pick from El Jefe’s selections. Our favorites include the Camarone Agrietado and the El Sully.  We boycott the El Vegano out of principal, but it is quite good. It just needs some meat on its bones.

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So, while taking our epic quest to Cedar Point or the pilgrimage to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, take a moment to enjoy the fresh air and inhale some tacos. You will not be disappointed.

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