Trivia: Who Was the American Novelist Who Said You Get What You Pay For?


Recently a friend from Florida called me to complain.  

He hired a large retailer which sells anything from appliances to tools to carpet his master bedroom in August.  He said the price was right, but the installation was atrocious, and he hated the color once it was inside his home.  

My friend has made numerous, frustrating calls for service but the store still hasn't been able to get anyone to return and remedy his problem.  I asked him if he had the name of the person he dealt with and if he had a guarantee.  

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The answer was "no" on both counts.  


He should have dealt with a reputable carpet specialist who employs their technicians and crew.  If there's a problem, they'll live up to it.  With a subcontractor, you have no control over the quality and you're not really getting the motivation or commitment from permanent staff of the store.  A lot of customers don't understand what they're really getting especially if they're focused on a bargain.  

There can be a lot of insurance or contractual issues if anything goes awry when a subcontractor does the work as well.  Who needs that?  

My friend could have had "The Beautiful Guarantee" - love the way your new floor looks or get it replaced for FREE - including installation.  

Instead of dealing with a true flooring professional he knows, he decided to price shop, skip quality and cut some corners just to save a buck, and now he feels taken.  

So, "You get what you pay for", and it was Kurt Vonnegut, the great American novelist who said it!  (Did you know that?)

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