EDISON, NJ -  Whether you are an expert or a novice, the Clara Barton Library hosts a popular weekly knitting event for residents every Thursday, from 1-3 pm. It is one of the multiple ongoing events offered by the library, which also hosts the popular “Family Time” series.

Barbara Berger, one of the participants, spoke of the strong relations that have developed between the members of the group.  “We have discussions about anything and everything,” she added, encouraging others to come out and join the group,  which gets together on a weekly basis.  Debbie Knox, another participant, added, “ it’s a nice social time to meet other people.”

Knitters can donate their creations to organizations outside of Edison as well.  Mary Romano, for instance, made and donated many lab robes to soldiers. Several participants also choose to make chemo hats, or scarves and hats that are donated to nursing homes.

The residents that get together to knit enjoy giving each other company, and like the feeling of accomplishment after they have “created something that just started as a string” said Ms.  Berger. “We offer a great sense of community. Not only can you learn something new, you can meet new people, so I do encourage people to come in”, said Clara Barton staff member, Gabriel Ramos. Participants are advised to bring knitting needles in size 6, 7 or 8 and worsted weight yarn.