To the Editor:

Sometimes common understanding is really just a common misconception. It is commonly understood that Chameleon lizards change colors in order to blend in with their surroundings. But it turns out, that is false. While it is true that these lizards are able to change their colors, it's not to camouflage from predators or for a cloak to hunt unsuspecting prey.  Instead, Chameleons change colors to communicate.  The color changes can be dazzling and unusual, but they actually reflect the reptile's mood, temperature or other physiological condition.  The Chameleon is not actually adapting to current conditions, but rather changing colors only in communication with others.

Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton have not changed in order to run for Chatham Township Committee.  Ashley and Mark have fought overdevelopment in our Township for nearly a year. Beginning with the first public announcements of the large development plans and sites, Ashley and Mark have attended nearly every Township Committee meeting and spoken out.  Review the meeting minutes record on the Township website and you will find Ashley and Mark's name repeatedly appear with statements advocating on behalf of residents.

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Actively fighting for the past year has meant raising awareness when the municipal building was almost given away in exchange for a 65 unit housing complex.  Organizing residents when the environmentally sensitive River Road slopes were being forced through wild zoning changes to appease outside influences without regard for our own regulations and building restrictions.   Regulations and restrictions that were set aside for high-density housing, but remain in effect for your property.

Standing up for residents has required advocating for the River Road resident that was threatened with condemnation of their home to make way for this committee’s high-density housing plan in March 2020.  Speaking out against condemnation, Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton have faithfully spoken in support of all Township neighborhoods, wherever overdevelopment has been threatened.  Now, the newest location is the Noe Pond area.  Ashley and Mark have fought overdevelopment every single time it has popped its head up in Chatham Township, and you can count on them to fight it at Noe Pond as well.

Ashley and Mark have been campaigning using their “PUTTING CHATHAM RESIDENTS FIRST” Platform since their candidacy was announced in March 2020.  The core of their platform has been the adverse impact brought by over-development throughout Chatham Township. Without their strong voices, organization and actions, the Township municipal building most likely would have been given away, converted to high-density housing and the residents would have been handed the bill to build a new one.

Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton's Democrat opponents are finally trying to make up for their lack of involvement in our Township and especially on these issues.  Only now when Noe Pond was rumored as under contract to a developer, suddenly Democrats Shah and Ankel adopt the idea to stand up to overdevelopment.  Ashley and Mark have been attacking these issues on behalf of all of us since November 2019, not just now when they need your vote.  There is no comparison between action and advocacy for nearly a year and mere words.  Still, even in words, Shah and Ankel have no record of appearing or speaking at Township meetings prior to September of this year.  They seem to be aware of these issues just this month when they need your vote.  When casting your vote, please make sure you take a deep look and understand who the candidates truly are.  Look into their words of course, but also their past actions and inaction. 

Remember that chameleons change colors in order to communicate, with no effect on what they do.  Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton have faithfully attended Township Meetings and have spoken out in support of all Township neighborhoods.  Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton have spoken out against condemnation of private property in Chatham Township every time it has come up.  What if your home or property is part of the next concept for condemnation?  We need Felice and Hamilton on our side.

Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton Are True Leadership Against the Over Development of Chatham Township.  They are the voices we need on the Committee.  Vote for Ashley Felice and Mark Hamilton.  

Dan Bevere

Green Village