This is a true story.  It’s also a story with a recurring theme:  if at first it doesn’t fit…try, try again.  It happened to me just the other day. I found a pair of slim-leg khaki pants on-line at, and since I’m never sure about purchasing clothing on-line, I took myself to the local Gap store to find the pants in person.  I was drawn to them because they were a slim fitting pant with a bit of stretch and even better, they had been reduced in price several times. When I reached the Gap, there were only a few sizes left  - I guess others had found out about the price reduction.  And as luck would have it, three of the pants were my size! I started to bring one in to the dressing room, and something made me stop in my tracks.  Perhaps I should take all three?  Silly, right?  I know, but something made me grab all three.  I’m happy that I did.

Three pants, all the same size.  But, what a difference in the three.  Two out of the three, were almost right, but not quite.  I would have been tempted to get them anyway, because the price was so great, but really, nothing beats a good fit (remember?). One had a waist line too low, and the other – not enough stretch. I started to feel like Goldilocks!  When I tried the third, I knew.  This was a perfect fit. Better waist and tighter fit in the legs. 

Why does this keep happening?  What’s a girl to do? (Don’t even get me started on the fact that a size 4 in one label is a size 8 in another! But, that’s another article.)  If they say one size, shouldn’t they all fit the same way?  You would think so, but the answer is obviously, no.  My advice is this:  if there are two of the same size, take both and follow your eye until you find the better fit.  Because, perfect is not the same as ‘perfect enough’!

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