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'Turn Back Your Clock Now' - Delivering Education About Achieving Better Health With Pharmanex And NuSkin Products

December 10, 2012 at 10:00 PM

WANTAGE TOWNSHIP, NJ – For Todd and Aileen Healy of Healy Enterprises, LLC, a NuSkin and Pharmanex Distributor, their journey into seeking better wellness began on a personal level.

From it, they started their business, Turn Back Your Clock Now.

Todd, who is a firefighter in Clifton, N.J., had been constantly ill and on antibiotics approximately five to seven times per winter. This pattern of illness began after having worked at Ground Zero following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

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Prior to 9/11, Todd was never ill, and then started with respiratory and digestive issues. Combined with antibiotics he was prescribed to knock out his respiratory infections, good bacteria in Todd’s body was annihilated by the antibiotic therapy, dragging him down further.

“I was never ill until 9/11,” said Todd.

Todd and several of those who endured the effects of 9/11 were tracked in a three-year study, and other study participants like him, dealt with respiratory and digestive issues.

Todd’s body further suffered from dietary inadequacies. He was not eating as well as he should have, and if he was taking vitamin supplements, they were substandard supermarket varieties.

The person, who is now one of his colleagues in his Pharmanex Business told Todd, “You won’t see your pension.”

“It was a wake-up call,” Todd said.

His associate gave him a scan of his antioxidant levels performed with a Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner, which clocked in his total Carotenoid (free radical scavengers) score from antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, as well as enzymes, or proteins.

Free radicals disrupt cell structures, precipitating illness, and disease. Sun exposure, pollution, smoking, and stress, are some examples of free radicals.

Free radicals out of control can eventually bring on diseases, including cancers. Antioxidants work to eradicate these diseases.

In order to maintain better health, an increase in antioxidants is a must, which will attack free radicals, and make a person’s body healthier. Colorful fruits and vegetables, including dark leafy green vegetables, orange and red bell peppers, tomatoes, and carrots, are a few examples of nature’s bountiful antioxidant harvest.

Other contributing factors to aid in the increase of antioxidant levels include: adequate sleep, exercise, maintenance of a proper weight, and optimal supplementation.

Pharmanex exclusively owns the BioPhotonic Scanner Technology. The scanner measures the Carotenoid Antioxidant Levels non-invasively. It implements light technology to provide the person scanned with their antioxidant level reading. According to Pharmanex, the scanner is as scientifically accurate as a blood test.

When Todd was scanned, he clocked in at 19,000.

A measurement of 10,000 indicates a low-level of Carotenoid Antioxidants, and 50,000 and more denotes a high-level of Carotenoid Antioxidants.

He knew he needed to improve his levels from there, by following a better diet, resting more, getting more exercise, and cutting out unhealthy habits. Todd also started on a regimen of Pharmanex’s LifePak Nano.

Today, his Carotenoid Score is 56,000, a level which he retests every day. He now maintains a healthier diet with at least five to 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables incorporated into it, as well as taking the LifePak Nano.

“Most supplements [available in the stores], a person’s body absorbs about five to 13 percent [of the supplement],” Todd said. “With LifePak Nano, a person absorbs over 90 percent. You could never eat everything it does for you.”

Todd said the company also guarantees the products will raise a person’s antioxidant score.

However, he said many consumers look at the price tag, rather than the benefits, of many of the supplements on the market.

“The average person, do they pick up a $5 bottle, or a $50 bottle?” Todd asked.

He said most would grab the $5 bottle, which supplements of that quality, will contain fillers, and sometimes carcinogens.

“If it’s not a natural product, you might as well throw your money away,” Todd added.

The Healys recommend their clients meet with them optionally once every 30 days for retests of their antioxidant levels, and over the first 90 days, the scores are guaranteed to increase.

The BioPhotonic Scanner was featured on “The Dr. Oz Show.” Click here for the show’s video link. 

For Aileen, the other half of the “Turn Back Your Clock with Todd & Aileen” Team, the quest for better health, and beginning their business to help others achieve it, stemmed from personal reasons, when her father was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his liver. He was not a candidate for a transplant, and endured Microwave Ablation (MA), to eradicate the tumor.

Aileen’s father, she said, enjoyed his life as a securities trader, and was retired when diagnosed with his illness. His entire life, he sustained himself by enjoying rich meals.

After her father’s passing, Aileen was on a quest for better health, and the importance of how what we put into our bodies affects our health.

Aileen said it is to the detriment of medical doctors, because they are unable to use the scanner to prescribe vitamins and supplements, although she said some dentists and chiropractors are using the scanner as a gauge for their patients.

The Healys said the scanner is more accurate in measuring Carotenoid scores than urine, or blood tests.

Aileen was also drawn to the Nu Skin products, and the Healys are distributors for both Nu Skin and Pharmanex products.

Part of her skin care routine includes the ageLoc Galvanic Spa, which, what the Pharmanex products do for a person’s body, the Nu Skin products do for their skin.

“For me it was about easy,” said Aileen, who said the skin care routine is very simple. “You can take five minutes in your own home while watching TV.”

Free radicals can cause aging, lines and wrinkles, while the Galvanic Spa, along with the ageLoc skincare products, including the ageLoc Gels, helps to reverse the signs of aging by targeting free radical generators. Aileen explained through Galvanic action, the skin becomes cleaner with a deep cleaning from positive and negative charges in the Galvanic Spa, while improving pore size and reducing free radicals.

There are four different attachments with the Galvanic Spa, which can be used on a person’s face, scalp, and body. The body spa feature targets stretch marks and cellulite.

“There is no place in Sussex County that offers this, and people can pay hundreds for one skin care treatment,” Aileen said.

There are a variety of products for both Nu Skin and Pharmanex the Healys specialize in distributing that can help clients achieve overall better health, and wellness.

Consultations for antioxidant scans, as well as to test the Galvanic Spa, are no-charge.

Other products include: Jungamals LifePak for kids, Tegreen 97 (antioxidant through green tea catechins), g3 Juice 2-pack “super fruit” drink, and more.

Click here for more information about “Turning Back Your Clock Now” with Nu Skin and Pharmanex Products, or here to purchase products.

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