I'm a single mom with 3 teenage children. I work full time, many hours a week for the past 16 years, and have a very fair child support order established by court. This order was established only after trying to work out a fair arrangement with the deadbeat for years because he would not adhere to his agreement. The deadbeat dad has had a full time job for the past 10 years.

The issue is that he's a barber and therefore he's considered an "independent contractor," which means the support cannot be garnished from his paycheck because he receives a cash salary. So week after week, month after month, and year after year he pays what he wishes, whenever he wishes. One month I would get $100, two months later $75, the next month $200.

Within the last 2 years, he had 4 bench warrants issued where he quickly went in with a sob story and paid $300 with an empty promise to pay the support from now on. The only thing he was consistent with was excuses regarding why he couldn't pay.

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Another arrest warrant was issued October 2009. For some reason he wasn't picked up in the December 2009 sweep, but finally picked up in the post Father's Day sweep after my constant contact with the sheriff's office.

Funny how he was able to come up with $500 immediately to get himself released and most likely with another empty promise to the judge to start paying every week as ordered. His argument is if I'm locked up, then I can't pay support. My argument is, if you're not paying support now, being locked up isn't going to change that.

I truly hope he learned his lesson this time and will start doing what he needs to do so we can all be happy. Because other than a few dollars, he contributes absolutely nothing. No school meetings, no doctors appointments, no spending time with the kids on weekends. No worries about reviewing homework or grocery shopping or preparing meals and laundry.

That said, I find this warrant sweep very effective and sends a message loud and clear, since he was never arrested for this before and probably thought he could just continue like this.

I know there are many other cases where you have good fathers who are very active in their children's lives and if they miss only 2 payments due to personal or economic issues or illness, they don't get much sympathy from the judge, while my deadbeat got accustomed to only a slap in the wrist, and my children and I did not receive any sympathy.

I don't need a court order to be forced to give my children the things they need. I have a moral obligation.

Kudos to the Sheriff! Let's bring all these deadbeats to justice!