A learning center is a self-contained section of the classroom in which students engage in independent and self-directed learning activities.  Recently students in Kimberly’s grades 1/2 Learning Group had a New Year’s celebration. It was WONDERFUL! Children rotated from center to center in groups to engage in several different activities.  These learning centers helped meet the diverse needs and skill levels of young children. In these centers, students learned by doing. Some of the centers included:

Craft: Snowman Measuring Sticks

Children reused wooden paint stirrers to create sustainable snow measuring sticks! Children enjoyed preparing and decorating the sticks to have them resemble snowmen! Hopefully they will get some snow soon so that they can put them to use!

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Edible Art: Banana Snowmen

Using bananas, pretzels, raisins, carrots and blueberries, the children created adorable, and delicious, snowmen! They decorated their plates with popcorn as the snowballs.

Community Service: Valentine’s Day Cards for Morristown Memorial Hospital

Students in Kimberly’s class enjoy practicing philanthropy—and their Valentine Card Station was no exception! The children loved writing cards for others! In fact Kimberly often has to keep a stack of envelopes in her room just for that reason! They took it even more seriously when they knew the cards would be donated to those who need them most!

New Year’s Resolutions

Here they had an opportunity to reflect on some of their favorite things about 2015, such as funniest moment and proudest moment, and then brainstorm two resolutions for 2016!

Winter Relay Races

Finally, to help get them moving in the New Year, they had a series of relay races! Race 1 was a penguin race where they had to balance beanbags while waddling. In Race 2, they had to walk back and forth with a paper snowflake on their head being careful to not let it fall. For the final Race 3, children had to push a “snowball” back and forth.

Learning centers can be used to develop essential content vocabulary, provide opportunity for student research, and simultaneously enrich learning for every student.   At Unity Charter School centers are a regular part of our classes in order to support our students while creating a supportive rigorous learning environment where students work at their optimal level.