MORRISTOWN, NJ - Unity Charter School has many unique traditions and opportunities to encourage students to enjoy learning, and to promote curiosity about the world they live in.  In the lower school one activity students take part in, is our “For the Love of Reading” (FLOR) project. FLOR is a celebration of literacy that deepens students’ connections to books they are reading. They do this by making stronger connections with the books’ characters, which accelerates student literacy development. 

This trimester projects are focused on celebrating the many varied cultures in our world!  Unity is looking to encourage their inquisitive students to investigate and learn more about a group of people who may live very different lives than they do. Each child was asked to choose a book from another culture to read, and present to their peers.

For the project, students can choose one aspect of the culture to highlight and display during the school’s Multicultural Celebration. This is an opportunity for their peers to experience a little piece of what life was like for the characters in the book. Some opportunities students will have include:

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  • A traditional food or dish from that culture (recipe with ingredients included)
  • Wearing a traditional outfit
  • Performing or teaching a traditional dance
  • Playing a traditional game
  • Discussing a traditional celebration
  • Playing or singing a traditional song

"Unity Charter School exemplifies educational excellence, infusing Education for Sustainability throughout our culture", said school officials . "Student agency drives critical thinking and inspires advocacy through a constructivist learning approach. Unity fosters global understanding and graduates students ready to change the world for the better.

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