MORRISTOWN, NJ - Unity Charter School understands the importance of art integration in the curriculum. Exposing students to art and culture can have a big impact on their development.  For this reason, the school community was excited that they were recently honored with a $10,000 grant from Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania, and NRG Energy, Inc.

Young Audiences New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania, a local non-profit organization believes that an arts-rich education provides a child with the ability to look beyond facts and figures and creatively meet new challenges as they arise. Plus, the arts make learning fun, providing an environment varied and compelling enough to engage even the most reluctant learners and providing day-dreamers with a classroom as rich as their imagination.

Unity Charter School was selected to receive the NRG Creatively Green Award for 2016.  This competitive grant recognizes schools who have demonstrated a strong commitment to both arts education and education for sustainability.

Sheena Sullivan, a parent and PTO officer, who oversaw the coordination and application of this grant said, “Unity is honored to have been chosen for the NRG Creatively Green Award. Unity's mission is to teach the importance of protecting and improving the environment by educating our students on the principles of sustainability, ecology and diversity.”  She went on to say, “The NRG Creatively Green Festival is an amazing opportunity for our families to live our mission and celebrate our planet. This art festival will give our community a chance to think creatively about our planet, it's challenges and possible solutions.”