Editor's Note: The borough manager was misquoted in the article. See the correct comments in bold.

FAIR LAWN, NJ - Residents from 20th Street say traffic conditions on their road has contributed to recent accidents, prompting the council to ask the police to take yet another look at the safety-challenged street.

Residents were responding to the most recent accident on Nov. 26 when two 17-year-old Fair Lawn high school students smashed into a house on 20th Street, one suffering a head injury and the other a hand injury. Police issued a careless driving summons to the driver and added "speed and weather conditions" played a part in the accident.

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"Four out of the last six accidents that have occurred over the last five years involved residents from 20th Street or the connecting streets off of 20th Street," borough manager Jim Van Kruiningen said at the Dec. 4 work session.

Van Kruiningen said, "The last time the speed monitor/vehicle counter was placed on 20th Street was in 2016." 

One resident, who said he was a police officer for 31 years and lives on 20th Street, said, "It's like Route 80 over there," indicating the high rate of speed vehicles travel on the road.

Cathy Lo Scalzo, who lives on the corner of 20th and Lowe Street, said she has lived in the borough for 61 years and she has come to the council before to raise concerns about the dangerous condition of the road.

"I'd love to see a police presence," she said. "I think you should get rid of the dotted lines, too."

Gregory Smith, another 20th Street resident, said students "rushing" to get to school and evening rush hour traffic have made conditions on the road "really, really bad. I'm surprised no one has been killed. People are easily going 45 to 60 mph. The speed limit is 25."

Another resident said her neighbor has lost "two or three vans" parked in their driveway from crashes.

Eric Lyden, another Fair Lawn resident, said a stop sign would be ideal. Other suggestions included guardrails and speed bumps, although, the borough manager said speed bumps on that road are illegal.

Mayor Kurt Peluso said the police would take another look at the road and suggest options.