Due to today's spring rain storm, Millburn Township had some localized flooding which resulted in several streets being closed to vehicular traffic. At the time of this press release the flooding was receding.  There were no injuries or property lost as result of this storm.

In addition, local authorities continue to monitor this storm and look for potential dangers to both the residential and business communities that boarder the West and East Branches of the Rahway River and the Canoe Brook Stream, which flows into the Passaic River.

Millburn Police Department, assisted by our partners in the Millburn Department of Public Works shut down Millburn Avenue between Vaux Hall Road and Cypress Street.  In addition John F. Kennedy Parkway northbound of Parsonage Hill Road was also closed to vehicular traffic. These streets were closed around 1700 hours.

As we continue to monitor weather reports from the National Weather Service, it is anticipated that we should be able to open all roads in the next few hours.