At approximately 0445 hours today (4:45 AM) there was a fire in a local Millburn electrical substation, owned and operated by the Jersey Central Power and Light Company (JCPL).

The Millburn Police and Fire Departments were immediately dispatched to the scene and the emergency contained and turned over to the electricians of JCPL

At the height of the power outage over 5000 residents of Millburn Township were affected. In addition all the traffic lights located in the downtown area  (belonging to both Essex County and Millburn Township) were without power.

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Millburn Police Department officers, assisted by our partners in the Millburn Department of Public Works, setup numerous barricades, temprary stop signs, and detours to facilitate the non-functioning traffic signals.  Many intersections were staffed with police personnel directing traffic to ensure the safety of the motoring public.

Starting at 1100 hours (11AM) and progressing over the next few hours, most of the power has been restored to the Township.  At this juncture the only traffic signal left non-functioning is located at Glen Avenue and Wyoming Avenue.  This problem has necessitated the closing of the Wyoming Avenue Bridge, between Millburn Avenue and Glen Avenue.

JCPL is anticipating full restoration within the next couple of hours.  During this power outage we are happy to report, there were no other serious incidents.