LITTLE FALLS, NJ -- Author and UrbEx Photographer, Alex Gulino, appeared on TAPintoTV to discuss her new book Empire State of Decay: Discarded New York.

UrbEx, short for Urban Exploration, refers to the exploration and often the photography of abandoned buildings and structures. In the book, Gulino provides descriptions and writings alongside the featured photographs. "I decided to describe more of my journey getting to these places," Gulino said, 

Three years ago, after finding videos about UrbEx on YouTube, Gulino started documenting abandoned sites through photography. Font Hill Media approached Gulino about publishing a book after seeing her photos on her Instagram page. 

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The practice of Urban Exploration documents a wide variety of buildings, sites and destinations. "I'm sure anybody that drives down any kind of road anywhere would notice an abandoned factory, an old school, a hospital," Guilno added. "We'll even find records back to the early 1900s."

Gulino attempts to receive advance permission for access before exploring locations. "Once I find out the information, I'll obviously go with a friend or two," Gulino explained. "That is the number one rule, I cannot stress it enough: do not go alone."

Safety is very important for Gulino. Destinations may contain potential threats including people or unsafe structural elements. Explorers can fall through floors or receive serious injuries. "The point is to have a couple others with you just to make sure you're safe if you need some medical attention," Gulino added, "you have somebody there to help you out."

Over the years, Gulino has explored a variety of locations, but has some favorites. "Churches are great, if you can find one with pews still in them," Gulino said. "You want to see the history of it, and it's like these places are frozen in time."

Empire State of Decay was originally planned to include both New York and New Jersey, but Gulino's publisher suggested publication of two separate books, one featuring New York and another featuring New Jersey, the latter of which is in the works. "I probably could do one for every state," said Gulino. 

Building on the success of her latest book, Gulino is considering another book series highlighting specific towns and their histories.

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