ROXBURY, NJ - The United States Fistball Association (USFA) is seeking male and female athletes under the age of 18 interested in competing in the Youth European Fistball Championships in Austria.

The championships take place this summer July 13- July 19.

Tryouts are taking place Jan. 29 and Feb. 12, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Roxbury High School gym. Anyone interested should email USA Fistball President Bob Feid at: by Jan. 28 to register for the tryouts.

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Fistball is very similar to volleyball in many ways, so those with experience playing volleyball will be able to
quickly learn the rules and techniques of fistball. However, any male of female under 18 (born during 2001 or later) interested in trying-out is welcome to qualify for the U18 Fistball Team.

Outdoor practices will start in the spring in Roxbury at the Swim and Sport Club in Ledgewood.
Fistball is a very exciting and fast paced team sport consisting of five players on each team. Fistball also allows for three individual touches by players using a closed fist plus an added bounce allowed before each touch.

As in volleyball, when receiving a serve from the opposing team, the idea is to save, set and spike the ball back into the opponent’s half of the field.

Feid and USFA Northeast Director Werner Adam played key roles in bringing the 2018 U18 Fistball World Championships to Horseshoe Lake fields and the Pan American Fistball Games to the Swim and Sport Club in 2015. Both men are committed to expanding the sport giving young people more opportunities for competitive fistball play.

The USFA has participated in many international tournaments with both men’s and women’s teams for
several years now, competing on the World Championship level.

Fistball has a long history in Roxbury, having been played at the Swim and Sport Club on Emmans Road since the 1930s competing against similar clubs in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania over the years. The club is the site where players for both men’s and women’s U.S. National Teams are trained.

"Fistball is one of the few sports that can be played anywhere and with very little cost or experience," Feid said. "Our clinic and tryout process is designed to welcome any athlete from any sport."

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