On Veterans Day,  Bonds of Courage would like to honor all troops, veterans and their families with a message from their president, Dr. Christine Truhe.  

On November 11th, Veterans Day, Bonds of Courage honors thanks all troops, veterans and their families for their brave, volunteer service to our country. Without your strength and courage, our nation would crumble. We owe each of you a debt that can never be fully repaid but one that must be honored on a daily basis.  To that end, it is the sole mission of Bonds of Courage to support each of you with a New Jersey connection, as you honorably represent our country, with
 morale building items, when transitioning to civilian life, providing you with assistance in building the civilian lives  you have earned through your valiant efforts. 

We stand ready to serve you today as we have for the past 10 years.  Your call will be answered with personalized attention and respect at 908.273.4122, or bonds@bondsofcourage.org.