YORKTOWN, N.Y. – A portion of Veterans Road closed on Monday, Jan. 4—for a maximum of 12 weeks—as a contractor works to replace a deteriorated culvert.

“Once the road is closed, the contractor will have 10-12 weeks to complete the work and get the road reopened,” Town Engineer Michael Quinn said at the Dec. 22 Town Board meeting. He said he is hoping the job will be completed ahead of schedule.

The new culvert—a small channel that allows water to flow underneath a road—is made of precast concrete and will replace the two corrugated metal pipes that currently run underneath Veterans Road.

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“Those pipes are in extremely poor condition,” Quinn said. The new culvert, he added, is expected to have a 75-year life. “We anticipate that this will last a generation or two.”

The culvert is located at the end of Veterans Road, where it intersects with Greenwood Street and Northmore Drive. Solaris Sports Club will still be accessible during construction; however, motorists coming off of Route 35 will not be able to access Veterans Road from Greenwood Street.

Three years ago, the town received two grants from the New York State Department of Transportation to repair two culverts: a 95-percent reimbursable $2.6 million grant for Hill Boulevard and a 100-percent reimbursable $820,000 grant for Veterans Road.

In September, the Town Board awarded the contracts to Transit Construction for about $2,995,000 ($2,176,166 for Hill and $818,833 for Veterans).

The work on Hill Boulevard, which is more involved, is slated to begin the first week of February, Quinn said. The contractor must finish the job by May.