This past July the Vineland City Council adopted a resolution to take away health benefits from part-time elected and appointed municipal officials starting September 1, resulting in $90,000 in savings per year for the city.

The Vineland resolution comes in the wake of a presentation by Citizens' Campaign Cumberland County Chairman and Vineland resident Lee Burke to the city Administration who embraced the measure.

"Vineland City officials should be commended for adopting this proposal, it's not often you read about individuals putting aside their own self-interest for the betterment of the community and the taxpayers," said Burke. "I hope other municipalities will take note and follow their lead."

Facing a tough budget year, the City moved quickly to adopt this waste-cutting measure. According to the Citizens' Campaign, towns can save from $12,000 to $20,000 for each person removed from the local health benefits plan.

Through its Law and Policy Task Force the Citizens' Campaign has developed 20 local government waste-cutting measures, which have the potential to save towns millions of dollars annually.

The Citizens' Campaign is leading a Jersey Call to Service campaign throughout the state to inspire citizens to participate in the leadership of their communities and replace our culture of political self-interest and government waste with a culture of service and frugality.

In June, the Citizens' Campaign hosted a Jersey Call to Service Summit in New Brunswick, which brought together more than 1300 citizens together. Due to the overwhelming show of support, similar mini-summits are being held throughout the state including Camden, Morris, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties.

Citizens interested in presenting their own waste-cutting measure can visit to take a free online class on how to become a "citizen legislator" to effectuate reform in their hometown and to gain access to the Citizens' Campaign menu of model reform laws.

The Citizens' Campaign is a non-partisan organization which inspires citizen leadership and devises innovative government reforms.