George Alan Ruth, who is the voice behind the TAPintoTV promos, recently joined Brian Brodeur, TAPintoTV's Executive Producer, at East Main Media Studios for a conversation on his long-spanning career as an announcer and voice-over artist. 

Ruth, who grew up in New Jersey, was the inaugural announcer for the New Jersey Jackals at Yogi Berra Stadium beginning in 1998. For Ruth, that assignment was a dream job. "It's because I absolutely love baseball, it was that simple," he said. "Before the Jackals gig, I had never in my life done one second of public address announcing but I just felt intuitively, I could do it." 

After that high-profile work, his career as a voice-over talent took off. Ruth explained that, to him, the voice-over is the voice on a commercial--a person you don't see. "A lot of times it's associated with what is commonly known in advertising as the tagline," he explained. "The tagline is the line of copy that happens at the end of the spot, but the voice-over can occur over the entire commercial, or parts of it." He added, "inherently, anything you hear on the radio is a voice-over because you don't see the talent."

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One of Ruth’s clients he is proud to be involved with is the Robin Hood Foundation, the largest philanthropic organization in New York. "Their mission is to eradicate poverty, it's that simple," he explained. "They work with about 200 charity organizations throughout the New York City area."

Brodeur asked Ruth whether he felt he had natural ability when he first started announcing and doing voice-overs. Ruth responded that being successful as a voice-over artist "takes more than just having a good voice” and it’s taken a lot of work. 

Ruth said he likes to ask the kids enrolled in his sports broadcasting camp to try to define a good voice. Ruth’s own definition of a good voice is that it's one, in terms of announcing, that owners think will "resonate" with their fan base.

"It's the same thing with voice-overs,” he continued. “It's really not about your voice, but it's your ability to voice act and that's really what voice-overs are all about," he noted, adding that he continues to work at being a "voice actor."

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