Dear TAPinto Editor,

Leonard Lance represents what’s wrong with Washington, Tom Malinowski represents what’s right. Lance votes against the interests of his constituents, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Leonard Lance has attacked affordable health care ever since he got to Congress. Lance voted 19 times to repeal the ACA and voted another 45 times to repeal important parts of the law, including protecting preexisting conditions. Now Lance is shying away from his record, but the truth is he still supports an administration that is working to dismantle its protections. Lance even voted for the most recent ACA repeal in committee.

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While Lance was voting against the healthcare of his constituents, Tom was representing America abroad, advocating for human rights and democracy as Assistant Secretary of State. He supports expanding Medicare to anyone who wants it and will fight to keep Republican hands off preexisting conditions. Vote for Tom this November!

David Fromm