Dear Debby,

My son is 3 and is not yet potty trained. The doctor said it is perfectly normal but a number of his friends are potty trained. Our feeling is that when he is ready, he'll let us know and that we shouldn't push him. Are we doing the right thing?

Waiting Patiently


Dear Waiting Patiently,

Your doctor is right, it is perfectly normal. However, I would begin to work with him now to gently show him his options. I don't like "pushing" a child to do something but positive reinforcement could be a wonderful tool. Have daddy take him in and show him the way to use the potty and praise him profusely when he tries.

Often when children see their peers using the potty it gives them incentive to do the same. Maybe a little visit to the restroom to sit for a minute might help.

I used to read an adorable little book to my kids called How I Go Potty. I'm sure there are many books now that you could read with your child.

Don't fret over his progress. He will go on his own when he feels comfortable.

Best of luck!