WARREN, NJ - It’s that special time of year for Angelo L. Tomaso (ALT) School students to show off their knowledge during the annual Science Fair.  With safety protocols and social distancing in mind, the ALT Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) arranged for the event to be completely virtual and it did not disappoint.

More than half of all ALT students registered and participated in the popular event. The PTO updated their website to include sources for students to review.


In previous years, the school gymnasium has been filled with tables covered in colorful science projects, as well as the creator of the project perched in front of their work.  Students have always had the opportunity to explain their purpose, research, hypothesis, materials used, results, and conclusion. 

However, because the fair was virtual this year, there were a few unexpected benefits that made the event extra awesome!  To begin with, many students were not only able to speak about their project but they were also able to give a live demonstration of their experiment! Siblings were able to work together on their projects.  Most notably, a major benefit from the virtual format was the ability to view all projects at your own leisure.  Students had the opportunity to leave feedback and compliments on their classmates’ projects.  



Kindergarten student Kaycee Pimentel in Mrs. Marino’s class uploaded a video of herself demonstrating the importance of using soap when washing hands. 

First graders Lailah and Leisel in Ms. Patel’s class shared a video of themselves dressed in lab coats discussing their project titled, “The Telephone String Project”.  The young scientists shared information about sounds and vibrations with their classmates.

Second and fourth-grade brothers, Reed and Heath Brezee, researched the questions, “Why doesn’t the ocean freeze?”  The brothers stood outside in a snowstorm to shoot their video! 


Third-grade student Emilia Gomes in Mrs. DeRoner’s class and older brother Miguel Gomes in Mrs. Lento’s grade 5 class, submitted a video of a live demonstration of their Simple Motor project.  The pair worked together to create a small motor using only a battery and a piece of copper wire!  


The Science Fair is a favorite school event for Carina Bellmann, ALT PTO President. “Michele Araujo and Marisa Caruso joined Sonia Gomes this year in continuing a tradition that has been near and dear to my heart since my first year at ALT, 5 years ago. These ladies thought way outside the box to give all ALT scientists a place to shine brighter indeed during an unprecedented year.” 


Photos submitted by the ALT Parent-Teacher Organization

1. Chase Sullivan and Lucas Araujo are sporting their ALT shirts outside in the snow while recording their presentation about snowflakes!

2. Alina and Riya Ramani practice safety during their project!

3. Constantin and Cassandra Bellman explain the science behind rock tumbling. 

4. Health and Reed Brezee brave the elements to film their project about the ocean.