Committeemen Mick Marion and George Lazo, as  the election for Township Committee draws near, the Warren Township PBA (Policemen's Benevolent Association) Local #235 would like to express our endorsement for your re-election. The Warren Township PBA Local #235, which includes all 30 members of the Warren Township Police Department, feel it is necessary to provide the residents the best possible service.

During your tenure on the Township Committee, you have made it very clear that the safety of the residents and businesses in Warren Township is a high priority. This past year alone, your decisions and actions to help guide Warren Township through an unprecedented time, navigating the COVID-19 crisis and the destruction of Tropical Storm Isaias, reflect your consistent attention and care to all aspects of the Warren Township community.

Your consistent support in providing us with the necessary equipment and training needed to effectively protect and serve the community has remained steadfast through difficult times. The Warren Township Police Department is undoubtedly in a better place since you have been in office.

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We whole-heartedly believe that if you are re-elected, we would continue working hand in hand to further our efforts in maintaining Warren Township as a great and safe community.


For these reasons, the Warren Township PBA Local 235 has unanimously decided to endorse you both for re-election to the Warren Township Committee.