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West Caldwell Presents 2013 Beautification Awards at Infernos Concert


August 24, 2013 at 12:03 AM

WEST CALDWELL, NJ - West Caldwell Councilman Joe Cecere gathered with two members of the township’s Environmental Committee on Thursday, Aug. 15, to present the 2013 Beautification Awards to deserving members of the business community. Presenting the awards on behalf of the committee was Mayor Joe Tempesta; the ceremony took place in front of a large crowd at the summer concert series held at the Crane Park gazebo.

Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

According to the environmental group, the awards are given out yearly to five businesses, large and small, whose property and architecture is maintained “in a level that is worthy of this award.” Speaking for the committee, Cecere explained that the group gets together and drives around the township looking for businesses that take their appearance seriously and demonstrate a level of pride in their community.

Tempesta spoke highly of the Environmental Committee Chair Jack Kupcho and member Joan Hamilton as he commented, “I truly appreciate the volunteer members of the environmental commission who took the time to tour the town. They select the winners; they have a hard job but they do a great job. Thank you very much all of you.”

West Caldwell Councilman Stan Hladik, his wife Megan and their children  
Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

2013 Beautification Awards
The following businesses were named the recipients of the West Caldwell Environmental Commission's Beautification Awards:
  • Mullen & Sons Contractors
    Bill Lukie and Katarina Sabino said they had been in business "a long time" as they accepted their beautification award from the mayor. “We appreciate your locating your business in our community,” said Tempesta, “and we want to congratulate you.” Mullen & Sons Contractors, Inc is located at 45 Fairfield Place, West Caldwell.

    West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta presents the 2013 Beautification
    Award to Mullen & Sons Contractors  
    Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley
  • NResearch
    Virginia Nardone and Mary Sule were on hand to accept West Caldwell’s award on behalf of NResearch Inc, a valve manufacturing company. “They’re one of our industrial parks and they do a great job,” expressed the mayor. “They’ve been here a long time and we appreciate the efforts of maintaining their properties.” Also thanked by the group was the West Caldwell landscaping company, Janina’s Landscape Design. NResearch Inc.is located at 267 Fairfield Avenue, West Caldwell.

    West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta presents the 2013 Beautification
    Award to NResearch Inc  
    Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley
  • Pudsters
    “You want a hamburger and a shake, that’s the place to go,” commented the mayor about Pudsters which took over the old Friendly’s location in town. The owner, Patrick O’Brien, was wished well by the mayor for his new endeavor. “Congratulations, we’re happy you did a great job renovating the building,” said Tempesta. Pudsters is located at 632 Bloomfield Avenue, West Caldwell.

    West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta presents the 2013 Beautification
    Award to Pudsters  
    Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley
  • Corporate Communications Group
    Jeff Lawshe was thanked for his work with Corporate Communications Group Marketing Solutions where he is the Senior Vice President and General Manager. “They’ve been a very good corporate neighbor for many years,” said Tempesta. “They employ a lot of people in the area,” the mayor added, “and they maintain their property very well.” Corporate Communications Group is located at 14 Henderson Drive, West Caldwell.

    West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta presents the Beautification
    Award to Corporate Communications Group  
    Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley
  • Lohman Therapie-Systeme
    Joe and Pat Zalo were at the gazebo as representatives of Lohman Therapie-Systeme (LTS), a pharmaceutical company in West Caldwell for 20 years. “They’ve been here a long time,” Tempesta said. He also thanked them for employing “a lot of people from the area” and congratulated them on their success. Lohman Therapie-Systeme is located at 21 Henderson Dr. West Caldwell.

    West Caldwell Mayor Joe Tempesta presents the 2013 Beautification
    Award to Lohman Therapie-Systeme   
    Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

The Inferno’s Band
Rounding off the evening was a concert by Bobby Wells’ Inferno’s Band made up of well known vocalists and musicians including Kenny Simmons, former member of The Commodores and Richie Rosato former lead singer of The Duprees.

The Inferno’s Band Performs “Good Rocking Tonight” during West
Caldwell’s 2013 Summer Concert Series  
Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

Eleven members of the band were there to sing, play and dance to a very receptive crowd. They featured hit songs from over the years along with romantic ballads.

The Inferno’s Band Performs “Please Let Her Know” during West
Caldwell’s 2013 Summer Concert Series  
Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

Sunrise ShopRite
Food selections were available from Sunrise ShopRite of West Caldwell; members of the West Essex First Aid Squad volunteered their time serving the meals.

From left: West Essex First Aid Squad members Michael Bell, Jessie Bunn,
Jerry Gordon, Nick George  Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

Many other members of the West Caldwell township attended the evening including Council President Stephen Wolsky, Councilman Stan Hladik, and Chief of Police Michael J. Bramhall

West Caldwell Council President Stephen Wolsky and Chief of Police Michael J. Bramhall  Credit: Carolyne Volpe Curley

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