NORTH CALDWELL, NJ - "Life is a Beach," "Finding Nemo," and "Candyland" were just a few of the themes used by student groups in West Essex High School Physics classes who created roller coaster projects. Students used everything from candy to sparkles to cardboard for their projects.

One prehistoric roller coaster project featured a hungry dinosaur.

Credits: Allison Freeman

The projects were for their semester physics conservation and energy projects where students learned that a roller coaster "is a complex machine that is a work of art as much as it is a physical structure."

From left to right, Cece Campanile and Maria Svrmachevska, both seniors from North Caldwell, prepare to demonstrate their project in class. Credits: Allison Freeman

Credit: Allison Freeman

The students were asked to build functional roller coasters out of paper, cardboard etc., and would let a marble travel thorough its course including loops as fast as possible. 

Jenna Salluce, Nikolette Aktas, Dylan Moscowitz and Amanda Masterson’s project   
Credit: Allison Freeman

Students then demonstrated their projects in class and timed each other. The Seaside Star Jet took 1.86 seconds. 

Seaside Star Jet  Credit: Allison Freeman
Taciana Barros, Science Teacher at West Essex, had a whole theme park named after her.

“Mrs. Barros’ Theme Park”  Credit: Allison Freeman

From left to right, Pat Melillo, a senior from North Caldwell, Andrew Spero, a junior
from Roseland, Annette Mierzwa, a senior from Fairfield, and Sydney Mason, a junior from North Caldwell, prepare to demonstrate their dragon coaster project in class. Credits: Allison Freeman

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