West Orange County Clerk Provides Election Information


WEST ORANGE, NJ -The Clerk for the Township of West Orange has provided the Atlernative Press with the most current election totals for West Orange and the Tuesday election.  However, the Clerk has not yet received any results from the county on provisional or absentee.  The deadline for the county to provide a ballot to the voters that requested one by email or fax is 12 noon on Friday.  The ballots then have to be returned by 8 pm Friday.  Also, there was an extension on the deadline for people who were displaced by the storm that had requested a vote by mail ballot prior to 11/5.  The deadline is 11/19.

For President:  

Obama, 13,075; Romney, 5,353; Boss: 0; Lindsay, 5; Johnson, 83; Goode, 7; Stein, 272; Anderson, 47; Harris, 5; Miller, 0.

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For Senate:

Menendez, 11,866; Kyrillos, 4,209; Diakos, 89; Brooks, 25; Kaplan, 94; Turkavage, 18; Wolski, 51; Lavergne, 7; Dranikoff, 23; Pason, 12

Congressional District 10:

Payne, Jr.: 4,200; Klemen, 942

Congressional District 11:

Arvanites: 6,859; Frelinghuysen, 3,578


Fontoura: 10,973, Mendez, 3,691

Question 1:

Yes, 7,338; No, 3,601

Question 2:

Yes, 8,317; No, 2.159

Board of Education:

Casalino, 6,682; Charles, 5,612; Sorbino, 4,191; Kraemer, 3,363

A total of 19,184 residents voted, out of 27,304 voters, representing a 70% voter turnout.

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