As a West Orange cheerleader, I know this article is completely biased. The information in it is completely false. West Orange did not in fact start the brawl, Livingston did. I was there at the game and I was on the sidelines cheering my team on. My sqaud and I were stationed by the 50 yard line so I was able to get a clear view of the brawl. 

The Mountaineers did not shake hands with the Lancers after the game because they did not want another fight to ensue between the two teams. They were not barking at the Lancers; the Mountaineers were yelling in excitement because they made it to the playoffs.

This article is a disgrace to this website. The information is completely false and it makes a group of boys that were doing nothing but playing a good game of football seem like heathens.

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I do not condone fighting and I wish that a brawl did not occur, but it did. Fault needs to be placed on both teams, not just West Orange. The bias in this article is obviously towards Livingston, and it gives West Orange a horrible reputation.

I was angered by reading this article, and I hope corrections will be made.

Editor's Note:  This article has been revised since it was originally published Friday night based on new facts that have come to light and interviews conducted today, Monday, November 9, 2009.