WEST ORANGE, NJ — Many residents in West Orange woke up Wednesday morning to homes that still had no power after Tuesday’s brief but powerful tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Isaias left many downed trees and wires, caused many road closures and knocked out power to large portions of the township.

Not even Mayor Robert Parisi could offer any accurate insight on when power would be restored to certain neighborhoods.

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“PSE&G does not release information related to the power grid,” Parisi said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, “so the township does not know what downed line may need to be repaired to restore a particular neighborhood, we have no background on what power lines feed certain areas and no knowledge as to why some streets have power and some do not. Some streets in my neighborhood have power, some adjacent and connecting streets do not.”

The mayor said that PSE&G has two criteria when prioritizing power restoration:

1) “They prioritize repairs based on the number of homes that can be restored based on that repair,” Parisi said, “meaning, if a repair on street A can restore 100 homes, but repair on street B can restore 200 homes, they focus on street B first. They work backwards based on this premise.

2) They also factor the length of the repair. If a repair on street A will take several crews 12 hours but those same crews can repair 6 other streets in that same 12 hours, they focus on the latter.”

The mayor urged residents to exercise patience while waiting for their power to come back.

“We must all be patient,” he said, “help neighbors that may need help, lend a hand to those that need it and offer our homes if it can provide temporary comfort to those without power…but wear a mask!”