WEST ORANGE, NJ - The FBI has released the preliminary 2013 Uniform Report for the township of West Orange and the overall results shows crime has remained at rates comparable to 2012, with few exceptions. Each year, the West Orange Police Department submits information, or ‘raw data’ that is tracked and compiled by the FBI. 

The information is broken down into broad categories of crime, violent and non-violent.  Between 2012 and 2013, there were 10 more violent crimes and 15 more non-violent crimes.

Further breakdown by type of crime follows. 

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Murder: 1 (2 in 2012)

Rape: 1 (same)

Robbery: 44 (31 in 2012)

Aggravated assault: 34 (36 in 2012)

Burglary: 152 (147 in 2012)

Larceny: 464 (435 in 2012)

Motor vehicle theft: 51 (70 in 2012)

Arson: 1 (same)

Domestic Violence: 94 (132 in 2012)

Bias Crime: 3 (4 in 2012)

The Uniform Crime Report provides comparative statistics from 1995-2013. There is little change from 2012-2013, but significant decrease from 2009 on.

The West Orange Police Department is currently comprised of 96 police officers. Six new officers are on the streets; 9 new officers are in the Police Academy.

Tap Into West Orange asked Mayor Robert Parisi for comments regarding the 2013 UCR statistics.

“The reality is that for the past 18 years crime in West Orange has continued to drop in its crime index totals. That is a fact. The numbers don’t lie.

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) statistics show that from 1995-2003, crime in West Orange fell 10.28 percent;  2003-2008, crime fell  44.03 percent;  and in 2008-2013, crime fell 12.01 percent.

When you look at the statistics from 1995 to 2013 you see an overall astounding drop in crime of 55.82 percent.”

Parisi continued, “We have a distinguished police force that is using new technology to keep our town safer than ever. We have invested in surveillance video cameras placed in key areas of town. We’ve added video cameras and computers inside our police cars as well as auto vehicle locators and an e-ticketing system. Our priority is to keep our neighborhoods and our residents feeling secure and we will continue to ensure that West Orange is the safest place to live, work and to raise a family.”

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