WESTFIELD, NJ — Darren Lederman, who is fighting acute myeloid leukemia, received a bone marrow transplant thanks to a total stranger, his wife Stacey Lederman announced on YouCaring.com Thursday.

Lederman, father of Emma and Noah, had trouble finding a matching donor because his mother, father and only brother are deceased.

“The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for us but in the end, we could not be happier to share the news that Darren received a bone marrow transplant!” Stacey Lederman wrote. “We thank everyone who gave my husband the chance to live … whether you were in the bone marrow registry already, if you came out in a snowstorm to get swabbed, if you were willing to pack on calories to meet the donor weight requirement, or if you ordered a home kit, we thank everyone who was swabbed for giving Darren and many others the life they deserve to have.”

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She wrote, “To our angel … Darren’s donor. When you were swabbed, you had no idea whose life you would be saving. I can tell you that you are saving a husband, father of two young children, a son-in-law, uncle, cousin, friend, and one of the kindest, most generous, beyond selfless people on the Earth. You gave up a few hours of your life, to save my husband and family. You are a true angel.”

Because there is the chance that Lederman’s body will reject the transplant, bone marrow drives continue to be held.

Members of the community have also donated more than $33,000 via GoFundMe.com to help the Lederman family financially.

“This extremely difficult time in our lives has shown us just how quickly a beautiful life can change,” Stacey Lederman wrote. “People always say don’t take life for granted but so many do. Many think that things like this ‘just don’t or just won’t happen’ to them. When you forced into this scary cancer world, you realize that cancer does not discriminate and that no one is immune.”

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