Like many Westfield High School seniors, Allison Ammermuller is excited about heading to college in the fall. But, Allison's certainly not the average teen. For the past seven years, Allison has chosen to commute to Chester, NJ to study dance at Ballet Forte five days a week.

Allison's commitment to dance has paid off. Last year, she was a featured dancer in The Butterfly Project at NJPAC. Ballet Forte's artistic director, Andrea Kramer, is well aware of the hours of focus and sweat Allison has put into dance. By looking at Allison, you would never know that she's had to persevere through several difficult situations to continue dancing.

When Allison suffered a broken metatarsal bone (a bone in her foot), she had to work extremely hard to rehabilitate her foot and resume dancing. Then last year, Allison was dealt another challenge having been in a serious car accident. Yet again, she handled her emotional and physical recovery with grace and resolve.

Now, Allison is gearing up for her freshman year at Butler University in Indianapolis. Though she will major in journalism, she has decided to continue her study of dance at Butler. Look out New York Times, Allison might just be your future dance critic.

Ballet Forte at Wings Conservatory is located at 338 Main Street in downtown Chester, NJ. The studio is currently accepting registration for summer sessions and the 2010-2011 dance season. Interested students are invited to take or observe a trial class. For more details, please go to, call 908-879-8717, or email