So, what do you call a guy, who... 44 years of age is celebrating 27 years of service in the United States Army and the Army National Guard.

...on the eve of his deployment to Afghanistan, to serve his country in the war on terror, gets told that he has a torn labrum in his shoulder making him "undeployable."

...upon receiving this news, (Some might call it a "Get Out of Jail Free Card.") he asks the Doctor for a second opinion.

...prior to getting the examination for the second opinion, he takes two Percosets, so that during this examination by an Orthopedic Surgeon, he will feel no pain.

...passes the examination and is indeed deployed to Afghanistan.

...goes to war and leaves his wife and two young daughters behind at home. His rationale? "This IS taking care of my family. Making sure my country is safe."

...became a Police Officer in the town of Alexandria Virginia, a few years back at nearly 40 years of age. He explained his decision to become a rookie cop at such an advanced age, this way..."You write, or act, or whatever...I get the bad guys."

...was assigned to the S.W.A.T. team at an age when most people retire from S.W.A.T.

...went to college in his late 30's, to get his degree.

...when a young teammate on his softball team was being threatened by an older and much larger teammate, not only came to the defense of the smaller man, when the argument turned violent, he brought an end to the situation, in seconds, pounding the MUCH larger man into submission despite having a broken wrist in a cast. a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Goju Ru Japanese Karate.

...tries to bring his family to Church on Sundays.

...attended the funeral of his sister's father in-law in full formal military dress, and presented the widow with a folded American Flag, "With the thanks of a grateful nation." (The deceased man had served just six months in the military nearly 40 years earlier. "He served.")

...had his father leave his mother when he himself was 7 years old.

...grew up in poverty but has never once felt sorry for himself. one of the most loyal, honorable, and generous gentleman you'll ever meet.

And Finally -

...just went back to Afghanistan to finish out his tour of duty.

What do you call him? His men call him, Sgt. Major Richard J. Magnum. My kids call him Uncle Ricky. My wife calls him brother. You can call him Rich.

He's a man that I respect and love as much as anyone I have ever known. Despite the fact that we have virtually nothing in common. Despite the fact that he is a man amongst men and by comparison I am a sissy boy. Despite the fact that he has known only hard work, physical labor and now, war, while my hardest job was jumping on a trampoline in a Laptop Costume for a TV Commercial.

Despite all this, he is one of my best friends and my hero.

Oh yeah, I call him Sarge.